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Dilated or enlarged pores

What causes
enlargement of skin pores

We often associate enlarged pores with oily skin, which is not entirely untrue, because too much sebum production prevents the skin cells from functioning properly and the skin from breathing well. These can also be explained by skin aging, because with time, the skin produces less collagen and elastic fibers, the cells regenerate more slowly and eventually these factors can explain the dilation of the pores.

How to prevent pore dilation?

Good lifestyle habits can help prevent enlarged pores. When skin cells are well oxygenated, they regenerate faster and collagen production is stimulated. Therefore, smoking is strongly discouraged, as it will have the opposite effect on the skin, such as poor oxygenation and cell degradation.

A beauty routine adapted to one’s skin type is also favorable to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Gentle cleansing in the morning and at bedtime, the use of non-comedogenic creams and regular exfoliation are essential steps to incorporate into your lifestyle.

prévention de la dilatation des pores de peau

Large Pore Treatments

In a clinic, it is also possible to use professional treatments to improve skin exfoliation and stimulate collagen production.


The HydrafacialTM treatment is undoubtedly a favorite for many. Ideally, the treatment is performed every 6 to 8 weeks and will help the skin to have a healthier appearance. In addition to deep cleansing, it combines gentle exfoliation, light therapy, and the application of customized serums (boosters), all of which are important elements in preventing this type of imperfection.

traitement hydrafacial
laser fractionnel CO2 pour traitement des cicatrices

CO2 Fractional Laser and Fractional Radiofrequency

When enlarged pores are related to aging, we offer skin resurfacing treatments that can be beneficial in achieving a more even skin texture. At the clinic, we work mainly with fractional technologies, such as the CO2 laser or fractional radiofrequency (Venus Viva). By perforating the skin with either the fractional radiofrequency needles or the laser action, a natural healing process is initiated, and new elastic and collagen fibers are formed. This new skin structure significantly helps to achieve a smoother and rejuvenated skin appearance.


Micro-needling is also a weapon of choice to address enlarged pores. Without the energy aspect that we find in the treatments listed above, the effect of perforating the skin with needles will also bring the desired effect, that is to say the increase in the production of collagen and elastic fibers. It is a painless, convalescent free treatment that can be performed on all skin types and ages. Micro-needling is often recommended in a series of 3 to 6 treatments every 6 weeks.

traitement micro-aiguillage

Prices of treatments for dilated pores offered at our clinic

CO2 micro ablative treatment

Usually 2-3 treatments are required, 6 weeks apart, 2 days downtime
$700 and more

1 Micro-needling treatment – face


1 Micro-needling treatment – face and neck


Package of 3 Micro-needling treatments – face + Home Cure


Package of 3 Micro-needling treatments – face and neck + Home Cure


Package of 3 Micro-needling treatments – face + 3 Hydrafacial basic treatments + Home Cure


Package of 3 Micro-needling treatments – face and neck + 3 Hydrafacial basic treatments + Home Cure


Radiofrequency Venus LEGACY treatment

Starting at $275

Nanofractionnal radiofrequency Venus VIVA treatment


4 treatments nano-fractionnal Venus VIVA


Signature Hydrafacial


Deluxe Hydrafacial Britenol


Deluxe Hydrafacial Dermabuilder (anti-aging cure)


Deluxe Hydrafacial ReGen GF


Platine Hydrafacial (mature skin)


Hydrafacial Essential 3 treatments Passport


Hydrafacial Essential 6 treatments Passport


Lymphatic drainage treatment of the face

A natural detox treatment! In 15 minutes only, we help the skin to eliminate the toxins to reveal a healthy skin tone. To enjoy by itself or combined with a skin treatment.

LED therapy (Blue or red)

The red light therapy will help to fight the aging skin, post-procedure redness and rosacea.The blue light therapy is ideal to treat enlarged pores and to control sebum production for oily skin.

Hydrafacial hands treatment


Neckline Hydrafacial treatment


Dermabuilder or Britenol Booster Serum

Add a complex to your Essential Hydrafacial treatment; the Dermabuilder complex will help to produce collagen and the Britenol serum will help to diminish the appearance of pigmentation spots (brown spots).

Hydrafacial Purifying (Acne)


Consultation request

A consultation at our clinic will let you know which treatment or treatments are best suited to your skin type and the appearance of your pores.