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Hairiness and permanent hair removal

The solution to get rid of
unsightly hair

Excessive hair growth can be disturbing for many people. Whether it is on the legs, underarms, face or any other part of our body, the solution to reduce or completely eliminate hair is without a doubt permanent laser hair removal.

Our state-of-the-art device, the Triton, combines the Diode, Alexandrite and YAG lasers. This trio of lasers not only allows us to treat all skin types, including IV and V, but will effectively capture a wider variety of hairs, both in color and thickness, in an extremely safe manner.

épilation laser Triton

What are the criteria for permanent hair removal to work properly?

These treatments can be performed regardless of your gender, age or ethnicity. The only hairs that do not respond to this type of treatment are white, red and downy hairs. It is possible to treat areas as delicate as the full bikini or to work on larger areas such as the back or chest.

Why does the laser cause permanent hair removal?

The laser emits pulses that pass through the skin and are captured by the hair follicle (bulb). By the force of the heat, the hair is destroyed, so that it never grows back again. Although it is impossible to guarantee a successful procedure, the average number of treatments required is about 6 to 8 sessions. It is important to respect the time between each treatment, which is 6 to 8 weeks regardless of the area treated. This is important because the hair growth phase plays a major role in the effectiveness of heat absorption and thus obtaining a better result.

The quality of our technician’s training and skills also play an important role in the effectiveness and safety of the laser hair removal treatments performed here at Dr. Mario F Bernier’s clinic.

épilation au laser Triton

Price of laser hair removal



Bikini lines (regular)


Brasilian bikini


Integral bikini


Half leg




Full leg


Full back


Lower back




Full arm


Half arm


Full face






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for permanent hair removal

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