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Pigmentation / Brown spots

What explains the appearance of
age spots

Pigmentation spots, brown spots, age spots or hyperpigmentation are all synonyms that describe a common problem that we can associate with skin aging, excessive and unprotected exposure to the sun or our genetic background.
traitement des taches pigmentaires

Treatments for dark spots on the skin

Fortunately, there is a solution to regain a clear complexion free of this type of irregularity. Of course, a wide range of cosmetic products are available on the market to remedy this. However, care must be taken, as these products are not suitable for all skin types and several contraindications are often associated with them, such as exposure to the sun. It is preferable to discuss this with a health professional.

IPL treatment for pigmentation spots

Dr. Bernier performs intense pulsed light treatments, also called IPL, to control these unwanted spots. IPL is not a laser, and the difference lies in the type of light used and the wavelength. IPL emits a broad-spectrum pulsed light that captures melanin in the cells and destroys it. The spots then become darker and will naturally fall off during a cell renewal period of about 30 days.

Unfortunately, since the flashes capture melanin, it is impossible to treat all skin types or patients who are taking certain medications that are photosensitizing, so an evaluation with Dr. Bernier is essential to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

traitement IPL pour la taches pigmentaires

What areas can be treated with intense pulsed light?

Brown spots can be treated on the face, neck, décolletage, as well as on the hands. Generally, only one treatment will be required to revive our complexion, but each patient is different and unique and results may vary depending on several criteria. This technology can also help patients with melasma, but since this condition is hormonal in origin, several sessions are often necessary and difficult to treat.

Before and after photos of an IPL treatment for pigment spots on the face

Want to see what results can be achieved by treating brown spots on the skin with Intense Pulsed Light? Swipe the images below to see the before-and-after result.

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL)

1 single treatment

Photorajeunissement - Avant Photorajeunissement - Après

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL)

2 treatments

Traitement IPL visage - Avant Traitement IPL visage - Après

Price of treatments for pigment spots

IPL treatment (Intense pulsed light)


Consultation request

A consultation with Dr. Bernier will allow you to confirm if the IPL treatment for pigmentation and age spots is suitable for your skin type.