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Photorejuvenating (IPL treatment)

Spotless skin thanks to photorejuvenating

Dr. Mario F. Bernier uses the pulsed light device (IPL) to eliminate dark spots on the skin caused by UV rays and to treat couperose.

Treatment of pigment spots by pulsed light
(IPL Photorejuvenation)

 The IPL device uses an optimized light hand piece to deliver energy into skin and targeting pigmented lesions, which slowly disappear as the body’s natural healing progresses. During this process, dark spots often become darker and naturally exfoliate within 10 days of treatment. Hydrafacial™ treatment is recommended 10 days after the procedure, to exfoliate and remove dead cells. It will leave the skin brighter, smoother and spotless, after only one treatment*.

Depending upon the treatment parameters, the patient can expect to experience a temporary redness, warmth, and swelling, which typically lasts only two days. Simple and safe, this treatment requires no convalescence.

traitement IPL pour la taches pigmentaires
Traitement IPL couperose - Avant

Treatment of couperose with pulsed light

Dr Mario F. Bernier also effectively treats couperose with IPL technology.

Pulsed light technology is produced by a device that filters and breaks light down into energy bands. Each energy band is endowed with a particular wavelength and according to precise parameters, targets the blood vessels. The light is absorbed by the blood circulating in these vessels and is then transformed into heat, thus creating a phenomenon of vasoconstriction.

The device with which Dr. Bernier performs IPL treatments is extremely powerful and thus allows a fast and effective treatment. Usually only one treatment will be needed*. In addition, patients should come in for a follow-up one week after the procedure, for touch-ups if needed. Patients undergoing this type of procedure can expect some redness in the treated areas, but this will disappear within hours of treatment. No convalescence is required.

This type of treatment should be repeated annually.

*The number of treatments required may vary from person to another.

IPL Treatment - Before-After

Want to see the results you can get with photorejuvenation? The following before-and-afters are stunning, and the results were mostly achieved in just one treatment!

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL)

1 single treatment

Photorajeunissement - Avant Photorajeunissement - Après

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL)

2 treatments

Traitement IPL visage - Avant Traitement IPL visage - Après

IPL treatment for rosacea

1 single treatment

Traitement IPL couperose - Avant Traitement IPL couperose - Après

IPL + Fractional Laser treatment

1 IPL treatment and a series of 5 fractional laser treatments

Traitement IPL et laser visage - Avant Traitement IPL et laser visage - Après

Price of photorejuvenation (IPL treatment)

Whether for the treatment of couperose or brown spots, the price for an IPL facial treatment is the same.

IPL treatment (Intense pulsed light)



To learn more about the IPL facial treatments offered at our clinic in Laval, do not hesitate to contact us.