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Thin Lips:
Botox and Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is a very popular procedure and reaches a large portion of the population. Whether it’s to achieve beautiful full lips, slightly define the contour of the mouth, or to reduce the signs of aging, injection is a simple procedure, but one that still requires special attention.

There are a variety of products available for lip injections and a consultation at our clinic will allow you to have the right information on the type of injection allowing you to have the desired result for your lips.

injections pour l’augmentation des lèvres

Lip injections with hyaluronic acid

The most popular product for lip augmentation is undoubtedly hyaluronic acid. Today, the companies that manufacture these products have developed specific properties that are perfectly adapted to the needs. For the lips, the products designed for this area will be composed of a softer gel that will give a natural look to the lips.

Regardless of the product chosen, most syringes contain 1 milliliter (1cc). Since it is a small amount, the result is discreet, but still noticeable. Although the procedure is reversible, it is best to be conservative and return a few times (at least 3 months apart) to achieve the desired appearance.

It is also important to have realistic expectations and to listen to your doctor, because for an aesthetic result it is important to respect the morphology of the face. This is why it is important to select a competent doctor for these injections. Although lip injections are a popular procedure, they can be dangerous if not done properly or be unsightly if certain basic rules are not respected (duck’s mouth, sausage lips or suction cup appearance).

Botox injections in the lips

For patients who want a more subtle augmentation, it is possible to inject a few units of botulinum toxin (Botox) in the upper lip for a lip lift effect. The fact that the lip rises a few millimeters, without having added volume as such, the appearance is very natural. It is also possible to combine the filling agents and the toxin for a more apparent effect. The latter is done in two stages, as we must wait about ten days between the injection of the filling agent and the toxin.

Tips before and after lip injection

There is no convalescence after the lip injection, but it is important to avoid touching the injected area and to avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold until the swelling or redness disappears. You should also avoid physical activity and leaning your head forward (below the belt) for 48 hours after treatment.

For the treatment of lip augmentation, we recommend avoiding alcohol and any medications that may thin the blood for at least 24 hours before and after the injection. If you are taking any medication, it is important to discuss this with your doctor during your evaluation.

It is quite normal to have some swelling following the procedure, which will gradually disappear after a few days (2-4). Ice is recommended during this period. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated can also help reduce swelling.

Result before and after lip injection

Injection des lèvres - Avant Injection des lèvres - Après

Prices for lip injections

Restylane 1cc


Consultation request

A consultation at our clinic will allow you to know the type or types of injections that will allow you to achieve the desired result for your lips.