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Facial care
offered in Laval

What is the
Hydrafacial treatment?

This ultimate treatment is designed to fully cleanse and hydrate your skin. Basic treatment process consists of 4 steps: in depth skin cleansing and exfoliation to loosen and remove dead skin cells and reveal healthy looking skin. Next is a gentile glycolic acid peeling needed to prepare skin for extracting impurities, blackheads and pimples. Using automated suction, skin pores will be thoroughly cleaned. Finally, the last step is hydration using hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to protect and give skin a plump rounded appearance. More effective than microdermabrasion, and requires no downtime as does a chemical peeling process, this treatment is offered exclusively by a certified technician in an appropriate environment.

logo Hydrafacial

The HydrafacialTM treatment is available in several packages to target exactly what you want to improve, either by adding to your basic treatment: the application of anti-aging serums, light therapy, lymphatic drainage or diamond tip microdermabrasion.

traitement Hydrafacial

Each step of the treatment is done with variety of HydroPeelTMpatented tips. Tips have multiple abrasive functions allowing skin exfoliation on each pass to obtain uniform results. Its unique spiral shaped design produces a suction effect called Vortex-Fusion® and this process is unsurpassed in loosening and decongesting skin. Vortex-Fusion® also produces maximal penetration and efficiency during application of exclusive therapeutic anti-oxidant serums, peptides and hyaluronic acids.

The 4 steps process

Cleaning and Exfoliation
Removes keratized skin cells to reveal healthy skin
Prepares the skin to facilitate the extraction of impurities
By automated suction, the skin pores are cleaned
Last step of the treatment: hydration with the benefits of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants; to protect and nourish the skin

Patented Hydropeel® tips

Patented HydroPeelTMtips assortment is one of the treatment’s key elements. These single use tips have their own unique design, and are specifically conceived for very specific objectives. 

Hydrafacial - embout bleu

The classic blue tip

We use this tip in the cleansing and exfoliation stages combined with Activ-4TM

Hydrafacial - embout bleu turquoise

The teal tip

Ideal for in depth cleansing and extraction of impurities, black-heads and pimples. It is used together with Beta-HDTM  and GlysalTM  vials.
Hydrafacial - embout transparent

The clear tip

Enables penetration of hydrating and rejuvenating serums. We use it with Antiox-6TM, Antiox+TM, DermaBuilder et Britenol serums.

Hydrafacial - embout orange

The orange tip

Used for treating hyperpigmentation, oily skin types with a tendency for acne outbursts or to reduce appearance of enlarged skin pores, we will use this tip along with Activ-4TM and Béta-HDTM serums.

There are also tips that are designed for HydrafacialTM  for the body. Much larger than the tips that are for the face, they give unequaled efficiency and allow to reduce the number of passes. We use these tips with Activ-4TM serum.

Patented serums

During the exfoliation step, multifunctional Activ-4TM serum will be used to contribute to relaxing skin surface and detach keratinized (dead) cells, make space for new skin cell formation and thoroughly clean skin. 

sérums Hydrafacial

For exfoliation, we use Beta-HDTM. In addition to rebalance production of sebum, this product possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This restoration serum helps increase the immune system and restore skin flora. This step is essential for patients with oily skin or who may be subject to developing acne. 

Hydration is the last step for the basic treatment. This serum contains an array of active agents such as: hyaluronic acid A, E, B8 vitamins and powerful hydrating agents, anti-oxidants and oligo-elements, Antitox-6TM aims to destroy free radicals. In addition to hydrating and protecting the skin, it collaborates in skin regeneration.

An alternative to Antitox-6TM, Antiox+TM, further enables a lightening of the skin tone, reduces appearance of pigmentary stains and can even prevent their development.  Just like the properties of Antiox-6TM, this product insures hydration and revitalization functions. 

Hydrafacial MDTM
vials (Boosters)

ampoules Hydrafacial MD (Boosters)

Le GlySal PrepTM 7,5% is a vial that we include in all Hydrafacial MDTM treatments. Made with, among other ingredients, glycolic and salicylic acids, two main exfoliation ingredients, this serum acts like a chemical peeling, and prepares the skin for an in-depth cleansing of the pores. Because of its delicate action, it can be used on all types of skin including sensitive and delicate ones.

Anti-aging vials

Dermabuilder is a serum that can be added to our basic Hydrafacial MD TM treatment to improve results. Composed of a combination of unique active peptides, this serum is designed to correct surface and even deeper wrinkles, and prevent their development. In the ingredients, is also found acetyl octapeptide-3 that, just like neuro-moderators, slightly reduce facial muscular activity. One other key ingredient: palmitpyl-5 that helps with elasticity.

BritenolTM is a patented composition of natural source ingredients that helps lighten the complexion. Applied locally on pigmentary stains, complexion becomes more even. Containing no hydroquinone, this serum is excellent on all types of skin.

CTGF is the newcomer in Hydrafacial MDTM collection of serums.  Having a growth factor derived   from natural stem cells, it stimulates production of collagen and has a major impact on appearance of lines and wrinkles. This hi-lux treatment should ideally be combined with a red-light infra-therapy treatment to maximize its efficiency. 

ampoules Hydrafacial MD Dermabuilder

Vials created by
leading dermatologists

Since a few years ago, a few high end companies and world-wide renowned Doctors and Dermatologist specialists have created their own boosters specially developed for Hydrafacial MDTM technology. This is the case among others of Dr Paul Nassif (Botched) and ZO (Dr Zein Obagi).

ZO Brightalive® complexe is a unique blend of skin brighteners that block the production of pigmentation, will reduce the appearance of brown spots and will helps to even the skin tone. The Glycerin is a key ingredient to restore hydration and replenish skin’s vital hydration balance.

ZO Rozatrol® helps relieve the visible signs of red, sensitized skin. It contains Rosa Canina extract for sebum control et pore minimizer. It will helps replenish hydration, support healthy skin barrier function and detoxify the skin.

NassifMD® HydraglucanTM booster is a cocktail of ingredients to hydrate, repair, rejuvenate and protect the skin. The skin will look fuller, radiant and younger especially on patient that suffer of poor skin hydration.

A few other boosters are available such as: Circadia® Chrono-Peptide, Circadia® Protec Plud, Murad® Vita-C, Murad® Retinol, Senté, Epicutis, Skinceuticals…Our specialized technician can help in choosing the best personalized combination for each patient.


The LED light-therapy

To close the loop in style, and increase the benefits of the serums, DEL light therapy can be added after the last step in any Hydrafacial MDTM treatment. The red DEL lights are used to increase skin firmness. It also helps reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and other signs of ageing. For those with oily skin, large skin pores or who suffer from acne blemish, we will prefer using the blue DEL lighting. 

Stand-alone treatment or prior to your preferred Hydrafacial MDTM treatment, you can opt for a facial and/or body lymphatic drainage’s. The instrument is equipped with two glass bells, when excerpting a light suction on the skin, help a natural elimination of toxins and obtain a radiant complexion, and reduce appearance of bags under the eyes. Lymphatic drainage is also strongly suggested for patients having had liposuction.     

HydrafacialTM specially designed for you

Choose from one of our personalized treatment lists for specific skin concerns.

traitement hydrafacial offert à Laval

Signature HydrafacialTM

Express treatment composed of 4 essential steps which are: In depth cleansing and exfoliation, the soft peeling, extraction of impurities, black-heads and pimples and an intensive hydration. Quickly eliminates all traces of stress and fatigue, skin is fresh and glowing. 20 min

Deluxe HydrafacialTM

The Deluxe version will include the 4 essential steps of the Signature treatment, while addressing specific skin concerns through HydrafacialTM’s booster and LED light therapy. 

Radiance and Brightening

For patients suffering from hyperpigmentation or having pigment stains, this treatment lasts 45 minutes and has the same steps as the Signature treatment, to which we have added a BritenolTM or BrightaliveTM serum application to lighten brown stains, and 12 minutes of light therapy to increase the efficiency of the serum. Without hydroquinone, this treatment is right for all skin types and can be safely performed throughout the year.

Calming treatment :

Redness can be difficult to treat, but this calming treatment, can surely help. As every other treatment. It will include the 4 essentials steps and to which we add RozatrolTM boosters. To finish in beauty, you’ll have blue and red light therapy included! 45mins

Clarifying treatment

To the Signature treatment, we add extended extraction (blackheads-whiteheads) plus blue light therapy session. It will helps tighten enlarged skin pores, eliminate excess sebum and control bacteria. A 45-minute treatment for patients having acne problems. 

Age-Refinement treatment

Optimize the Signature treatment by adding DermabuilderTM serum, Chrono-Peptide or Retinol booters and red-light therapy. The treatment will leave your skin resplendent and glowing. The skin looks younger. This anti-aging treatment is 45 mins long and can be applied on all skin type.

Firming treatment

Indulge the benefits of the Signature treatment which in bonus: you will have an application of growth hormone serum made from CTGF stem cells and end it all with red light therapy. Designed to freshen illuminate and strengthen skin appearance; you’ll obtain a glowing complexion. Wake up your skin youth and vitality with this 45-minute-high performance treatment.   

Hydrating treatment

HydraglucanTM , Chrono PeptidesTM  and Hydro PeptidesTM  serums are formulated to treat appearance of aging concerns from frown lines, smiles lines and forehead lines. Designed to improve skin firmness with its hydration active ingredients 45mins

Platinum HydrafacialTM

The more than perfect luxury treat! This top of the scale treatment combines a lymphatic facial drainage, all steps of the Signature treatment for the face, a booster application of your choice and red or blue light therapy. A moment of pure delight lasting 1h. This treatment is perfect for patients who wish to prevent premature skin ageing or one who already has mature skin. Regain skin brilliance, vitality and hydration. Lines and wrinkles seem to vanish. A must do just before any memorable event. 

What about PerkTM?

You can enjoy the PerkTM , treatment alone or you can add it to your favorite HydrafacialTM , treatment.

With its unique hybrid system with roll-flex TechologyTM , it will gently remove surface layer of dead skin cells and impurities while delivering vital antioxidants to your eyes and lips.

A fun fact? You will bring your ampoule back to home, so you can use it for a few more days and extended the benefits of it. 

traitement hydrafacial avec Perk
soin hydrafacial

How often is
treatment recommended?

Hydrafacial MDTM treatment can be performed as a cure or even as a form of prevention. Since cellular regeneration occurs every 30 days, it is possible, for optimal results, to plan one treatment in line with this frequency. When we wish to improve a specific skin condition (acne, pigmentary stains, rejuvenation…) it is recommended to adopt a program based on one treatment per week depending on your condition. Here are a few examples of programs available at our clinic:

Here are some examples of programs offered at our Laval clinic:

  • Hydrafacial MDTM cleansing beginning with one session, once per month or at season changes.

  • Acne or problem skin treatment: 3 to 6 sessions

  • Hyperpigmentation and brown stain treatment: 6 sessions

  • Intensive rejuvenation: 6 sessions
  • Bride to be program: 6 treatments before the big day

  • Solutions for Him: 3 to 6 treatments

  • Vitality treatment: 3 to 6 treatments


  • Younger looking skin
  • A glowing complexion
  • Healthy look
  • Fortified sensitivity and dehydrated skin.
traitement hydrafacial avec Perk


Signature Hydrafacial


Deluxe Hydrafacial Britenol


Deluxe Hydrafacial Dermabuilder (anti-aging cure)


Deluxe Hydrafacial ReGen GF


Platine Hydrafacial (mature skin)


Hydrafacial Essential 3 treatments Passport


Hydrafacial Essential 6 treatments Passport


Lymphatic drainage treatment of the face

A natural detox treatment! In 15 minutes only, we help the skin to eliminate the toxins to reveal a healthy skin tone. To enjoy by itself or combined with a skin treatment.

LED therapy (Blue or red)

The red light therapy will help to fight the aging skin, post-procedure redness and rosacea.The blue light therapy is ideal to treat enlarged pores and to control sebum production for oily skin.

Hydrafacial hands treatment


Neckline Hydrafacial treatment


Dermabuilder or Britenol Booster Serum

Add a complex to your Essential Hydrafacial treatment; the Dermabuilder complex will help to produce collagen and the Britenol serum will help to diminish the appearance of pigmentation spots (brown spots).

Hydrafacial Purifying (Acne)


Great experience today! This was the first time I tried such an “intense”/deep treatment for my face, I was a little worried that my skin would be too sensitive. The staff was exemplary. The lady who did my treatment was attentive and reassuring. I will certainly come back with the arrival of cold weather for another Hydrafacial treatment with masks or light therapy, to be seen…

Clarissa Guignard

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