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Dark circles & hollows

How can you tell the difference between
dark circles, hollows and puffiness, and what procedures can help remedy them?

Dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are often associated with fatigue, which is not entirely untrue. The skin around the eyes is about five times thinner than the skin around the rest of the body, which is why the Orbicularis Oculi muscle and blood vessels are visible, and this explains the darker coloration of this area.

A balanced diet and regular physical exercise promote good vascularization and thereby reduce the appearance of dark circles. In some cases, when the colored ring is accompanied by a hollow, it is possible to proceed with an injection of hyaluronic acid that will not only fill the hollow, but also improve the skin condition and reduce the appearance of the dark coloring. This correction can be partial.

correction des cernes sous les yeux

Hollow circles

Hollow circles can be explained in part by the aging process where we lose fat, bone and muscle mass around the eyes. This loss can cause fatty tissues to shift towards the cheekbones and create a hollow under the eye. To fill this gap, the injection of a filler can correct the hollows.

One must make sure to have a doctor who is competent and expert in this type of injection, because this procedure is nevertheless delicate. It is always better to inject small quantities in specific areas to obtain a partial correction and reduce the risk of complications.

Pockets under the eyes

Pockets can be divided into two categories: fatty pockets caused mainly by aging and skin laxity and pockets that appear when we wake up.

For fatty bags, the most common alternative is surgery, i.e., lower blepharoplasty, while morning bags will generally diminish a few hours after waking up. In some cases, the Venus Legacy eyelid treatment can help firm the skin and also promote lymphatic drainage to reduce this swelling. A consultation with a physician is essential to determine if this procedure can help you.

correction des poches sous les yeux

Prices of treatments for dark circles and hollows offered at our clinic

Restylane 1cc


Radiofrequency Venus LEGACY treatment

Starting at $275

Consultation request

A consultation at our clinic will allow you to confirm whether dark circle injections or the Venus Legacy treatment are suitable for your situation.