Over time, while certain signs of aging can easily be spotted—wrinkling at the corner of the eyes and sagging skin, for example—others, though not so obvious, can certainly impact on your life. Your vagina will age, just like the rest of your body, but more and more women indulge in Votiva vaginal toning treatment for a satisfying reversal of these effects.

The Advantages of a Vulva and Vaginal Toning Treatment

During perimenopause, and even after natural childbirth for some women, vaginal mucus loses its elasticity. External genitalia weakens and loses volume, while labia tend to stretch out, causing discomfort and embarrassment for many women. Through radio frequency, we can remodel the vulva, including the labia, visibly improving the appearance of a woman’s genitalia.

Ten there’s incontinence, which can be caused by a weakened pelvic floor. Klegel exercises help reinforce the perineum and correct this unfortunate situation that can be caused in part by the birthing, menopause, taking certain medications, or a lack of exercise. For women that suffer from incontinence, toning can help stop urinary leakage. Dramatically improving quality of life.

Finally, during menopause there’s a reduction, and ultimately an end, to the production of estrogen, which causes a lack of natural lubrication. Drying can cause itchiness, a loss of sensation and even pain during sexual intercourse. Votiva restores humidity in the vaginal tissues, helping women recover a healthy, satisfying sex life.

FormaV and FractoraV

Votiva is a safe, non-invasive vaginal toning treatment that’s offered in medical aesthetic clinics. The device combines an internal and external vaginal treatment that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, thus firming and improving tightness in the weakened tissues. This happens by using radio-frequency energy that increases tissue temperature of 45°C. At this temperature, we provoke controlled and secure damage that ignites the natural renewal process for collagen and elastic fibres. The only sensation felt during treatment is very tolerable heat.

Collagen is a protein that can be found in skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and conjunctive tissue. It’s also the key ingredient in anti-aging creams because it keeps skin firm, helps maintain hydration and favours regeneration. The elastin plays a similar role by ensuring tissue elasticity. It’s what allows the skin to return to its original form, after stretching or pinching. Unfortunately, the production of these proteins diminishes with aging, greatly reducing elasticity and firmness. Subcutaneous heating achieved through radio-frequency energy stimulate the cells responsible for the production of these proteins and helps tone the tissues.

Two hand pieces are used to treat the interior and exterior vaginal and vulva regions: FormaV and Fractora V. The first one distributes heat evenly within the interior, while the second device reproduces the same thing, only fractionated and in the external region, in order to treat the labia. Depending on the desired results, we can combine these devices or opt to use only one.

The FormaV piece is inserted in the vagina to tone its inner lining, then moved to the exterior to treat the labia. With FractoraV, ultra-thin needles are implanted in the tissues to encourage fractionated clotting, help radio-frequency energy penetrate deeper, and improve firmness and general appearance of the external sexual organs.

Each session lasts only a few minutes, and it rarely takes more than 3 to obtain the desired results. It’s a pain-free procedure and when using FractoraV a topical anesthetic is applied to diminish any discomfort that could be caused by the needles.  Certain woman notices increased sensitivity or redness after treatment, but these symptoms disappear within a few hours.


Aging is inevitable, but there is nothing stopping you from slowing it down! Votiva helps women regain control of their intimacy and experience a fulfilling sexual life, regardless of their age.