After thinking it over carefully, you’ve finally decided to opt for laser hair removal to get rid of your unwanted hair. Congratulations on making an excellent choice! But before your first session, it’s vitally important for you to be prepared.

Here’s some essential information to help ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and that you achieve the best possible results.

When to shave

The only hair removal method that is allowed before your sessions is a good old razor. Only the hair visible on the surface should be eliminated since the laser beam needs to focus on the hair inside the follicle so it can target its warmth all the way down to the root and destroy the cells responsible for generating the hair. This means no waxing and no tweezing. Nothing but the razor for three weeks to one month before your treatments begin.

But to be more precise: how long before your laser session should you shave? The answer is the day before. To avoid drying or irritating the area to be treated, use shaving cream rather than bar soap. On the day of the treatment, don’t use any creams or makeup on the area, as these products can obstruct the laser beam, diminishing its effectiveness.


  • In the case of unwanted facial hair, never shave it with a razor. Instead, use cuticle scissors to trim it.
  • If you’re having laser hair removal on your armpits, don’t use antiperspirant during the 48 hours prior to your treatment. The aluminum salts contained in most antiperspirants obstruct the pores of the skin to reduce sweating. As a consequence, the heat of the laser will have a hard time fully penetrating the skin to destroy the root of the hair.

Soothing the skin after your laser hair removal session

After a laser treatment, it’s normal for the skin to be a little red, although more recent devices include cooling mechanisms to reduce the amount of heat. Nevertheless, coolness and hydration are essential for quickly expelling heat from the body.

So what kind of cream should you use after your hair removal treatment? Aloe vera gel is a fabulous natural product for soothing and healing the skin, in addition to reducing the risk of any undesirable reactions. Moisturizing creams and anti-redness serums are also excellent for soothing the treated area.

Apply your soothing gel or moisturizing cream after showering, especially after exfoliating. But be careful! To minimize the risks of skin irritation, avoid exfoliating during the 48 hours preceding your hair removal appointment.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

Although laser treatments are safe, there are certain contraindications you should be aware of. The principal contraindications to laser hair removal include skin cancers, dermatological conditions like eczema and psoriasis (on the area to be treated) and recent scarring. Furthermore, a laser cannot be used on areas with tattoos.

You must also avoid exposing the treated areas to the sun during the weeks before and after the procedure.

Make sure to tell the doctor if you’re taking any medications. You should also let the doctor know if you have any circulation problems in your legs, as the use of lasers on areas with venous insufficiency should be avoided. Finally, women who are pregnant or nursing are not permitted to receive laser treatments for permanent hair removal.

A choice clinic for optimal results

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