Like many, you probably make it a priority to ward off any hint of unwanted hair. However, even though there are numerous hair removal methods available these days, not all of them are equal in terms of drawbacks and limitations. Most importantly, few of them can claim to offer the kind of permanent hair removal you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you searching for the most effective technique for removing unwanted hair? To save you time and help you make an informed choice, here’s what you should know about the various options available to you.

Hair removal: not all roads lead to Rome!

To eliminate hair quickly, there’s no shortage of choices: traditional razors, electric razors, waxes, creams, sugars, electric devices, electrolysis, etc. It’s certainly true that each of these methods offers the advantage of quick, effective hair removal.

On the other hand, you’ll soon realize that they also have a number of disadvantages: razors can irritate the skin, and the hair grows back quickly; waxing can promote the formation of ingrown hairs; depilatory creams have chemical components that can induce allergic reactions; electrolysis requires a significant investment of time… And most of these methods have to be repeated several times a week, several times a month or several times a year.

Fortunately, there’s another solution!

Laser: for permanent hair removal

For several years now, laser hair removal has been considered the treatment par excellence for unwanted hair. But what is it exactly? A laser is a concentrated beam of light that’s directed at the hair. It penetrates the skin to a depth of approximately 3.5 mm beneath the epidermis. The pulses of light precisely target the pigment (melanin) in the hair, using heat to destroy the hair and the follicle at the same time. Since the laser specifically targets the pigment, it’s much more effective on dark hair (and fair skin).

It generally takes between six and eight sessions to completely eliminate all of the hair. But perseverance is definitely worth it because, for the ideal candidate (with dark hair and fair skin), the results of laser hair removal are impressive.

Here’s a summary of the advantages of laser hair removal:

  • It provides effective, uniform, permanent hair removal
  • It causes less pain than many other hair removal methods
  • It can be used to treat all parts of the body and areas of any size
  • It’s a safe, hygienic method
  • It’s suitable for both men and women

Laser hair removal: how much does it cost?

You can rest assured that laser hair removal is far more affordable than you may think. It’s a very cost-effective investment compared with the recurring investments of time and money you’ll make in creams, lotions, waxes, razors and other temporary solutions.

However, the price will vary depending on the area being treated, the color of your skin and the color and density of the hair.

To give you an idea, at our aesthetic medicine clinic located in Laval, a Triton (Diode-YAG-Alexandrite) laser hair removal treatment will run $87 plus tax for your armpits, anywhere from $113 to $157 for your bikini area (depending on whether you opt for the regular, Brazilian or full bikini treatment) and $287 for each full leg. However, prices are subject to change without notice.

You should also check for promotions, especially if you plan to have only one area treated at a time. You could end up saving a lot of money!

Are you ready for permanent hair removal?

At Dr. Mario F. Bernier’s Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine Clinic, our laser hair removal treatments are notable for their innovation and effectiveness. In the interests of consistently offering you the very latest state-of-the-art technology, we use a Triton Alexandrite-Diode-YAG laser. This innovative device uses a mixture of different kinds of energy at the same time, resulting in increased efficiency on all skin types.

Whether you’re looking for permanent hair removal on your armpits, legs, back, bikini area, arms or face, with our laser hair removal technique, you’re guaranteed a comfortable treatment that will certainly live up to your expectations. Contact our team to learn more!