You are not alone

Did you know that 9 out of 10 women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies? This normal physiological phenomenon can affect very thin women as much as others. A majority of women will see small bulges on the surface of their thighs, buttocks or stomach.

They are cellulite dimples. At the first stage, these dimples will be very subtle and can only be observed if the skin is pinched. Later, they will be seen when standing up and, over time, they may become apparent in all circumstances.

These dimples are the visible part of a subcutaneous phenomenon. A number of chambers designed to hold fat tissue are naturally formed under the skin. The cellulite pads begin to appear under the effect of an increase in fat cells and water retention in these chambers, which causes them to swell.

Even if heredity plays a role in the equation, a healthy lifestyle can slow cellulite formation: good hydrations, a balanced diet, physical exercise, avoid smoking, etc. However, if the appearance of cellulite bothers you, either in terms of appearance or because it creates physical discomfort, a Venus Legacy treatment offered at Dr. Mario F. Bernier’s surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic can help.

What Venus Legacy can do for you

The first thing to know is that the Venus Legacy system is approved by Health Canada for non-invasive treatments and temporary mitigation of cellulite manifestations. It is therefore a safe and proven method.

Venus Legacy is a multifunctional medical-aesthetic treatment. In other words, several modes of action work simultaneously:

● pulsed magnetic fields (MP) ²;

● multipolar radio frequency waves;

● pulsed suction.

In concrete terms, here is how a Venus Legacy treatment works

One session takes about 20 to 60 minutes. It takes 8 to 10 weekly sessions to get the desired results, but you can start to see them by the third session; then you need to schedule 3 to 4 maintenance treatment sessions per year.

During the session, an applicator adapted to the anatomical region to be treated is used. For more comfort, a gel is applied beforehand, and then the applicator is passed several times. The combined effect of magnetic fields and radio frequency waves increases the internal temperature.

This reduces excess fat. The sensation felt is absolutely painless, since it is a soft and constant heat. Under the effect of this heat, the elastic fibres and slack support tissues tighten and renew themselves, and collagen production is stimulated.

At the same time, another dimension of the treatment, called VariPulse, pulsates the tissues. This beneficial action stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and, consequently, skin exfoliation.

It is an absolutely painless treatment that leaves no trace. Redness may appear on the treated areas, but it disappears very quickly. In the matter of a few hours, you will see a clear improvement. Only a few physical conditions, which will have to be validated with the surgeon, do not allow resorting to the treatment.

In conclusion, contrary to the well-known saying, it is not necessary to suffer to be beautiful. A few minutes are enough to give your body back the flexibility and firmness you want.