Wrinkle fillers

A new generation of anti-wrinkle injections

More and more young women prefer injectables to improve their look. At age 30, skin loses its elasticity and produces less collagen, which results in reduced volume and less hydration.

As for the younger group in their twenties, many wish to highlight their lips by increasing their volume. Women in their thirties prefer to address the nasolabial folds that are beginning to show due to the loss of volume on cheeks and eye contour. After forty, patients will seek help with the labial commissure (marionette lines), improve the jaw contour and fill in temporal cave-ins.

Hyaluronic acid (AH)

Just like collagen, hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, whose role is to maintain hydration and ensure a young and healthy appearance. The hyaluronic acid is a clear and homogeneous gel that is injected under the skin.

Wrinkle fillers

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Since demand for a new generation of injectables is on the rise, and patients are aware of available products, developers and producers need to continuously innovate.

One of the latest innovations consists in having added Lidocaine, a local anesthetic that freezes the injection area rendering treatment more comfortable. The effect disappears within an hour after the treatment.

As opposed to bovine-based collagen or other injectable products, hyaluronic acid used at our clinic is not an animal tissue extract. This way allergy tests are not necessary. Treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Just like with Botox injections, convalescence is not required, although we do recommend to all our patients to avoid appearing of bruise marks, they abstain from consuming alcohol, vitamins, natural supplements, aspirin and ibuprophen 3 days before and after treatment.

Lasting effects obtained from hyaluronic acid injections may vary from one patient to another. Many factors need to be considered such as the area treated, age of the patient, lifestyle and skin structure. A 6 to 18 month is the average time span expected between rejuvenation treatments.

Increased Lip volume

Increased Lip volume

Products are more and more specialized. Such is the case for another new product called Vobella produced by Juvéderm. Specially formulated to inject directly into the lips, this product is known for its long lasting effect. Furthermore, because of a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid, patients notice considerably less post injection swelling. Lips are supple and natural looking. In the art of cosmetic injections, the lips are the part of the face that requires a surgeon be not only experience but also possesses a strong sense of judgement. To avoid disastrous results, fill in and facial balance is of utmost importance. One must remain realistic and not try to reproduce Angelina Jolie’s look with all patients.

Augmentation of cheekbone area “OGI Curve”

One of the signs of youth is having high, striking cheekbones also referred to as the OGI curve. Volume added to the malar bone area, rejuvenates the patient instantly by producing a lift effect. Dr. Mario F. Bernier prefers the use of injectables as opposed to silicone implants that can shift with time. For cheekbones, Dr. Mario F. Bernier uses hyaluronic acid with sizeably larger particles, in other words, the same amount of injected material, will give more volume. Juvéderm, Ultra XC, Voluma, Volift and Perlane L are from the same family of products. .

Filling nasolabials folds, tear drop and mouth contour

When injected under the skin, these products-fill wrinkles with precision. All products on the market are from similar bases, therefore choosing the appropriate product is then up to the surgeon. Dr Mario F. Bernier prefers the use of Restylane-L, Restylane-L Fine Lines and Juvederm.

For natural looking results, it is imperative to choose a plastic surgeon having a vast experience with injections, and especially one who understands the art, the science and knowledge to perform such medical acts.

Fractora radiofrequency treatments. To treat acne scars, scars, strech marks, wrinkles and fine lines.

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Hybrid Treatment

Fractora to the face and CO2 laser treatment on eyelids


IPL treatment (Intense pulsed light)

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CO2 micro ablative treatment

Usually 2-3 treatments are required

6 weeks apart

2 days downtime

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Fractional CO2 laser treatment in ablative mode

Usually 1 or 2 treatments required

3 months apart

7 to 10 days downtime

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Nanofractionnal radiofrequency Venus VIVA treatment

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4 treatments nano-fractionnal Venus VIVA

1305$ +tx

Radiofrequency Venus LEGACY treatment

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Botox-Forehead + Glabella


Botox-Forehead + Glabella + Crowsfeet






Dysport-Forehead + Glabella


Dysport-Forehead + Glabella + Crowsfeet


Restylane Skinboosters Vital 1cc

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Restylane Skinboosters Vital Light 1cc

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Restylane-L 0.5cc

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Restylane 1cc

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Restylane LYFT 1cc

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