What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Popularized by celebrities, the Brazilian butt lift today holds a privileged place as one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. Women both young and not so young have taken an interest in this operation, which aims to improve or enhance the shape of the buttocks.

Its promise? To achieve results that a healthy, balanced diet and exercise simply can’t offer.

But what exactly does a Brazilian butt lift entail? How is the procedure performed and what can you expect?

Buttock enhancement: a cosmetic procedure and a rejuvenating treatment

Whether to overcome a complex or to counteract the effects of time, this procedure is a popular choice for people of all different types. Young women are often looking to have a shapelier, more sculpted derrière. Older women and even men are often looking to regain their former curves and firmness by improving the contour and roundness of their buttocks. In all cases, a good number of patients are rediscovering what it’s like to feel confident about their bodies and their power of attraction.

Not surprisingly, this technique comes to us from Brazil and directly competes with traditional enhancement procedures involving implants. However, it’s quickly gaining favor over these conventional methods because of their frequent complications and extended recovery periods.

To acquire the necessary volume, fat cells are taken directly from the person having the procedure and are then reinjected in the target area. The results are more natural and offer the added advantage of eliminating any risk of rejection by the body. On the other hand, there must be a sufficient quantity of fat available in order to achieve the desired fullness. If not, then implants should be considered, as they would probably be a better option in that case.

The stages of a butt lift

Before initiating any procedure, the practitioner will perform an evaluation. The goal? To determine whether this technique is the most appropriate one, given the candidate’s body type and the desired results. For example, the shape of the buttocks is a crucial factor when deciding what surgical procedure should be followed. It’s also important to assess the areas where the fat will be removed via liposuction, as well as the amount to be removed, in order to determine the total volume to be transferred.

The operation usually takes from three to four hours and is carried out under local anesthesia. The surgeon performs liposuction to collect fat, which is then injected subcutaneously in the central and upper portion of the buttocks. To ensure patients’ safety, Dr. Bernier performs light to moderate buttock enhancement procedures, ranging from 220 to 420 cc per cheek.

Unlike a traditional enhancement procedure involving implants, the results of a fat graft appear much more natural.

Before and after

Here are some photos taken before and after Brazilian butt lift procedures performed at our clinic. For more photos of Brazilian butt lifts and buttock enhancement procedures, visit our photo gallery.

before and after photo of a butt lift

Liposuction (SAFELipo®) on the abdomen and hips + fat graft to the buttocks

before and after brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift and SAFELipo on the hips and abdomen

before and after buttock enhancement

Liposuction (SAFELipo) of the tummy, hips and back + buttock enhancement

Choosing a plastic surgeon for your Brazilian butt lift

Dr. Mario F. Bernier works to satisfy the expectations of his clients by learning all he can about the latest procedures so he can offer them safely and effectively. Brazilian butt lifts are one of the operations he performs most frequently. And with reason: women and men, alike, get answers to their questions and can easily observe the attention to detail that is given to each step of the process. Regardless of your reasons, whether to fulfil your desire to be more attractive, to correct a physical feature you’re dissatisfied with or to defy the effects of aging, Dr. Mario F. Bernier will find the solution that’s right for you.