During a woman’s life, genetics and such major events as a pregnancy, breast feeding or significant weight loss can all have an influence on the shape, fullness and firmness of her breasts. One of the surgical procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the breasts is the breast lift, technically known as a “mastopexy”.

What does a breast lift entail?

This surgery will restore the breasts to their optimal shape, creating a more harmonious figure. This technique is used specifically to correct breast ptosis, more commonly known as sagging breasts. The goal is to reposition the nipple and areola and return the breasts to a more upright position. Thus lifted, the breasts regain their youthful appearance and contour.

The stages of the surgery

Have you decided to go ahead with the operation? Breast enhancement surgery entails a series of steps that must be followed. They are all vitally important to ensure the success of the procedure and your satisfaction with the results.

First appointment with the physician

The goal of your initial consultation with the physician is to clarify your expectations regarding the surgery. The physician will first ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire to ascertain your current state of health and will then want to discuss your reasons for wanting to undergo this type of procedure. You will then be presented with the available options that will best meet your expectations. This initial meeting with the physician is crucial to establish a relationship of trust between the two of you and ensure that there are no misunderstandings regarding the process.

Medical examination

This general examination is aimed at establishing a precise diagnosis in order to determine the type of procedure that will be most appropriate for you. A morphological analysis of your breasts will be performed, after which the physician will give you a detailed explanation of the possible corrections to be made and the implications of each one.

Preoperative photos

Once the medical exam has been completed, digital photos will be taken of you. You can rest assured that the photo session will be quick and respectful. These photos are a valuable tool that will aid the physician in planning the surgery. They will also allow you to compare your breasts before and after the procedure and help you determine if you’re satisfied with the change.

Before breast lift
Before breast lift
After breast lift
After breast lift

Preparations before the big event

To ensure that your surgery goes smoothly, it’s essential for you to be well-prepared. To help you do this, you’ll be given informational materials, as well as any prescriptions and requests for examinations or tests that may be necessary. Do you have any additional questions? The physician will always be willing to provide you with clear answers.

The big day is here

The day of your operation has finally arrived! Following the final preoperative preparations, you’ll be sent to the operating room, where the nurses, the anesthesiologist and the physician will be waiting to give you a warm welcome. The surgery lasts approximately three hours, and the recovery period will vary from 10 to 14 days.

Entrust your breast surgery to an experienced plastic surgeon

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