Skinboosters offers a leading-edge approach to skin rejuvenation

Developed and in use in Europe for many years, Skinboosters treatment is now available in Canada.

It’s well-known that hyaluronic acid (HA) is an indispensable tool to reveal bright and healthy-looking skin. The main function of this naturally produced sugar is to attract fluid into skin cells like a magnet to help hydrate skin and maintain its radiance and elasticity.

We’ve already been using hyaluronic acid as a filling agent to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or simply to enhance facial contours, for many years now; it’s without a doubt the best skin rejuvenation option available. Skinboosters injections take a preventive and stimulating approach to skin care. Using a mildly cross-linked hyaluronic acid formula and a patented NASHA technology application process (an exclusive stabilization process), the goal is to prevent the signs of aging on young skin or sustainably re-densify mature skin.

Unlike mesotherapy, where action is produced on the skin’s surface, Skinboosters is injected deep into the mid dermis and deep dermis where 70% of fluids are found, thereby integrally hydrating cutaneous tissue. This hydrobalance concept promotes skin rejuvenation and repairs and improves skin texture.

Treatment protocols vary. However, for ultimate results, Dr. Mario F. Bernier recommends two to three Skinboosters treatment sessions at three-week intervals, then once a year, for lasting results.

The different techniques for Skinboosters injection

Photo credit: Galderma

Skinboosters is available in two different strengths: Skinboosters Vital and Skinboosters Vital Light

As its name indicates, Restylane® Skinboosters Light is less concentrated and can be injected in areas such as the neck, the cleavage and the top of the hands. Restylane® Skinboosters Vital Light is recommended for very thin skin or if the goal is to maintain hydration for young skin.

Restylane Skinboosters Vital is recommended to nourish and fortify mature skin. Designed to revitalize and stimulate dull skin, repair fine lines and wrinkles and smooth out crepey skin, this product improves the texture, appearance and elasticity of cheeks, the jaw line and lip contour.

Dr. Mario F. Bernier uses micro-cannulas for injections to ensure a precise and safe operation and treat an entire area. Treatment is not painful and requires no convalescence. Expect a little swelling and a slight redness of the skin after the injections. To prevent bruising, we recommend refraining from alcohol or blood-thinning agents such as anti-inflammatory medications or vitamins for at least two days before and after treatment.



Warning: These photos are for reference purposes only to illustrate the nature of the procedure. They offer no guarantee of future results. Photo credit: Galderma