Nano fractionnal RF Venus VIVA

Behind Venus VIVA technology

Venus Concept is continuously innovating in the field of facial rejuvenation and demonstrates this once again with the VIVA device. The technology works by combining Nano fractional radiofrequency and Smart Scan technology in facial regenerating process and is designed for patients wishing to :

  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooth out appearance of acne scars and skin irregularities
  • Toning skin
  • Improve tone and skin texture
  • Tighten enlarged pores

A little history

Fractional removal technology by RF (radiofrequency) was first introduced in 2008. The idea was simple and allowed to inflict the majority of the lesions to the dermis while leaving the epidermis essentially unharmed. On the other hand, undesirable effects were observed because of unresolved issues arising from the presence of radiofrequency generated electric arcs. Skin contact was difficult in bone prominent areas as well as areas with oily skin. Furthermore, the energy dispersed in one impulse was quite uncomfortable.

In 2010, the field offered a new solution by integrating use of needles which would pierce the epidermis and selectively heat the dermis in order to distribute the radiofrequency waves directly at the base of the dermis. Related discomfort and complications associated to these systems have reduced interest and popularity for these devices.

Venus viva

Today, Venus Viva offers a unique resurfacing technology by using Nano fractional RF. By using RF to smoothen out and inflict a partial or fractional micro perforation, it is possible to safely treat all types of skin and resolve difficulties encountered in previous resurfacing treatments. The device is ideal since it allows us to control the flow between removal and coagulation thus reaching a suitable warming of the dermis without overheating the area. This way, the treatment is much more comfortable and safe for the patient.

The device has 160 stems measuring 150 microns corresponding to almost half the size of the stems on other devices in today’s market. Why is this so important? Smaller stem size means smaller holes, less pain and reduced recovery time for you.

The ergonomic print of Venus viva

The ergonomic print creates a shape that adapts perfectly to the contour of the face. The depth we can reach is optimal to allow maximum results with shorter recovery time.

SmartScan defines the distribution rate of the radiofrequency. When four stems are activated, the remaining 156 are on hold. Then four other stems take over in sequence, and so on and so forth for the rest of the treatment. The energy produced thanks to this algorithm allows reduced overheating that can appear in other devices, making Venus VIVA treatment much more comfortable.

The radiofrequency warming pattern allows spreading of deep heat in the dermis whilst protecting the integrity of the epidermis. Heat generated by the RF begins at the surface and spreads under the skin to form an ellipse. Depending on the setting chosen, the most important level of thermal lesions will be either relatively superficial or deep and more aggressive. Both treatments leave dermis and epidermis mostly intact and only a small portion of lesions can be seen without visual aid.

Venus viva highest treatment

Highest treatment parameters

Venus viva lower treatment

Lower treatment parameters

The system allows us to choose both tension and duration of the electrical impulse that present a correlation between removal and coagulation. We can want a more superficial lesion for different reasons: maintenance treatment, patients requiring short time away from society or pigmentary lesions affecting mainly layers of the epidermis. Deeper layers containing acne scars and surface irregularities will require more ablative treatments. Removal and coagulation can be seen on this histologic segment.

Venus viva removal and coagulation

It has been demonstrated that repeated and controlled exposure to pulsed heat can lead to an increased procollagen synthesis by fibroblasts.

Removal is necessary in order to eliminate tissues we wish to regenerate and resurface. Heat generated by RF allows tissue vaporization and initiates coagulation. Removal affects at the same time both the dermis and the epidermis. Removal of the epidermis acts both on pigmentary issues and on visible vascular problems, at the same time coagulation is essential to alter damaged proteins. Exposed to high temperatures, links within protein structure, are found to be altered and force the body to produce new cells and initiate global skin rejuvenation.

To optimize patients comfort, we apply a topical anaesthetic crème 1 hour prior to treatment. During the treatment, patients can expect to feel a warm and tingling sensation. Immediately after receiving the treatment, skin can become red, show light swelling and feel hot like after sunburn. In general, and depending on selected treatment parameters, redness should completely disappear within 48 hours.

Dr. Mario F. Bernier will draw up a personalized care plan usually suggesting 4 to 6 subsequent treatments. Three weeks should be an appropriate interval between treatments.

Fractora radiofrequency treatments. To treat acne scars, scars, strech marks, wrinkles and fine lines.

à partir de 525$ + tx

Hybrid Treatment

Fractora to the face and CO2 laser treatment on eyelids


IPL treatment (Intense pulsed light)

à partir de 217$ +tx

CO2 micro ablative treatment

Usually 2-3 treatments are required

6 weeks apart

2 days downtime

à partir de 505$ +tx

Fractional CO2 laser treatment in ablative mode

Usually 1 or 2 treatments required

3 months apart

7 to 10 days downtime

1522$ +tx chacun

Nanofractionnal radiofrequency Venus VIVA treatment

348$ +tx

4 treatments nano-fractionnal Venus VIVA

1305$ +tx

Radiofrequency Venus LEGACY treatment

à partir de 240$ +tx





Botox-Forehead + Glabella


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