Laser for Permanent Hair Removal

If unwanted body hair is of concern, you have most likely tried a variety of classic methods for hair removal including shaving, waxing or electrolysis. If such is the case, you are surely aware of these facts:

  • Shaving is required daily
  • Waxing is painful, and non-permanent
  • Electrolysis is effective, but is time consuming when treating much larger areas because only one follicle at a time can be treated.

For some time now, other alternatives have been available such as: Intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser hair removal treatments. Both techniques differ, and both, offer permanent hair reduction. How do they work?

Although IPL and Laser hair removal techniques are similar, they are not identical. In both cases, a beam of energy (light) is directed to the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, which in turn interrupts the cycle of hair production. The difference comes from the scattering of energy in the dermis.

A laser has a precise wavelength, which targets melanin directly in the hair follicle. It is effective on all hair colors, but less likely to work on red, gray and white hair. Inmode offers an unequaled experience in developing superior hair removal technologies; with intelligent features that optimize treatment. We are proud to offer Triton permanent hair reduction treatment to our patients. The patented integrated sapphire tip: Cooling 3P, helps to protect the epidermis from burns. With direct contact on the epidermis, the handpiece allows the laser beam to penetrate more deeply into the dermis for more efficiency and increased comfort for the patient. This technology eliminates the need to treat the same area more than once.

Layer of the skin

Experts and medical practitioners consider the laser as the gold standard in laser hair removal, because it’s the most efficient, reliable, safe and powerful solution for high-volume hair removal.

Intense pulsed light or IPL devices are less effective; because the light beam is scattered in the dermis and energy is not transmitted as efficiently to the hair follicule, results are therefore limited. Most often, a greater number of treatments are required to achieve final results.

Triton laser for hair removal features the 3 most popular lasers on 1 platform (Alexandrite, Diode and YAG). Having access to different light beam on the same machine is ideal to treat every patient according to hair and skin coloration to enhance treatment outcome, while minimizing risk of over treatment. The number of required treatment will vary from one patient to another; the lighter the skin color and the darker the hair; better the treatment will respond. After only 1 treatment, patients have shown a considerable amount of hair reduction. An average of 6 to 8 treatments are needed to reach a definite and permanent hair reduction. Another one of the many advantages the Triton multi-laser platform, aims to accomplish, is that we can treat every skin tone with a personalized approach, even with IV skin type, based on Fitzpatrick skin classification chart. Because, the treatment parameters are much lower. Nonetheless, for the safety of patients, more treatments will be required.

The Fitzpatrick skin classification chart based on skin color and typical reaction to sun exposure:

Skin TypeColorReaction to sun exposure
ILight to pale whiteAlways burns, nerver tans
IIWhite fair to light beigeUsually burns, occasionaly tans
IIIBeige to light brown (olive)Sometimes burns, gradually tans
IVLight brown to mediumRarely burns, tans easily
VMedium brown to darkRarely bruns, tans very easily
VIDark brown to blackNever burns, tans very easily

Permanent hair reduction requires irreversible damage to structures responsible for hair growth, some of which are non-pigmented. The pigment used for laser hair removal is melanin which is contained in the hair shaft and hair matrix but is not contained within other structures of the hair follicle responsible for hair growth.

Small areas, such as armpits, upper lip and bikini, can be treated in 5 minutes or less, and even large areas, like the back or legs, can be treated in less than 20 minutes.

Laser treatment

Most diode laser systems produce a non-uniform beam of light that generate focused spots of intense heat with the result of a deep down local burning sensation. Hot spots can be noted by increased pain and non-standard effects on the skin. In contrast, the Triton Laser provides a uniform beam profile. Benefit to the patients, is less pain during treatment, complete elimination of the risk of skin burn, and improved hair removal. Patients that are more sensitive may use topical anesthesia one hour before treatment, this will make treatment even more comfortable.

Unlike waxing, there is no need to let hair grow out between treatments; instead, we recommend shaving between appointments, to help hair expulsion.

Eliminate unwanted hair forever!

Laser hair removal


87$ +tx

Bikini lines (regular)

113$ +tx

Brasilian bikini

130$ +tx

Integral bikini

157$ +tx

Half leg

243$ +tx


287$ +tx

Full leg

287$ +tx

Full back

435$ +tx

Lower back

157$ +tx


260$ +tx

Full arm

130$ +tx

Half arm

105$ +tx

Full face

175$ +tx


70$ +tx


70$ +tx