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Refine your beauty, feel good about yourself

To feel good about yourself, you must first feel comfortable with your body. You would like to build your self-image, refine your beauty and gain confidence? At Dr Mario F. Bernier’s Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine Clinic, we can help you. Thanks to our innovative techniques, revive your beauty in complete safety. Whether you want breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, liposuction or genital plastic surgery, our aesthetic surgery services are always performed with care and attention according to your condition and needs. Dr Mario F. Bernier welcomes you with professionalism and attentive listening to explore with you all the procedures and guide you through the various stages. Our Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Clinic is equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art equipment to offer you the best for your aesthetic medicine treatment. Feel good and confident with our medico-aesthetic and surgical care.

Dr Mario F. Bernier: your specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Dr. Mario F. Bernier provides aesthetic medicine treatments and performs his surgeries in accordance with the highest quality criteria. Dr. Mario F. Bernier is a perfectionist in everything he does. Aesthetics is therefore for him an undeniable source of satisfaction in addition to serving his passion for harmony and beauty of form. Caring and attentive to his clients, he takes the time to listen and understand your aesthetic surgery requests before offering you the best options available to you.


Your beauty will be in good hands

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