Hair loss treatment

Alopecia is the medical terminology for baldness in cases of total or partial loss of hair. This is a common condition affecting approximately 60 % of men and 40 % of women over the age of 50. For men, baldness appears mainly as a receding hair line and or hair loss at the upper part of the skull. With women, the hair loss process is somewhat different since hair gradually becomes thinner and thinner all over on the head.

Hair loss is caused by many different factors and some are associated to heredity (DHT genes dihydrotestosterone), hormones, normal aging of scalp tissue, overexposure to sun rays, nutriment deficiency, hairdressing chemicals, pollution, eating habits, illness and some medication.

When DHT (a testosterone biologically active metabolite, generated by action of the 5-a enzyme reductase) drops in hair follicles for both women and men, nutriments and blood flow needed to nourish follicles are compromised and new hair strands become shorter and thinner until they completely disappear. This action is also called hair follicle miniaturisation. Once, the miniaturization process has ended and the follicles die, hair loss is irreversible.

What can we do?

When treated promptly, miniaturisation can be reversed and we can improve hair follicle health in these ways :

  • Block DHT formation.
  • Attach the hair follicle to its root
  • Increase microcirculation and return oxygen and nutriments to the roots.
  • Supply nutriments, vitamins and proteins needed for healthy hair
  • Ensure tissue surrounding the follicle is healthy.

XCELLARIS PRO, micro-needling treatment for hair restoration is performed in our clinic by a certified technician. Time needed for one treatment is between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the area to be treated and will need to be repeated each week for 8 weeks.

Contrary to other topical products offered, the active ingredients in XCELLARIS PRO go beyond the scalp and penetrate deep into the skin. Micro-needling creates thousands of micro perforations that significantly increase absorption of active ingredients (up to 80%). Before and immediately after treatment, our technician will alternately apply vials for restauration and vitamin vials for scalp rejuvenation, these vials contain a natural complex of DHT blockers, antioxidants and amino acids. Between treatments, a capillary lotion must be applied each day to nourish and repair fibers and increase hair density.

* These photos are attached for information only and are not a guarantee of results.