Genital Surgery: Know Everything About This Procedure

Some women are confident about their body and sex appeal while others have some issues they wish to address. Modern medical technology has advanced considerably so women have the power to change their bodies as they see fit.

Sometimes these changes involve genital surgery. At Dr. Mario F. Bernier, we offer expert consultation along with precise genital surgery. Our doctor is friendly, efficient, and experienced in this field so they’ll make sure you make good choices.

What is genital surgery?

Genital surgery usually involves different types of procedures. A doctor will recommend one surgery or a combination of them to get the desired results. Some of the most commonly used procedures are:

Labiaplasty – This involves surgery on either the labia minora (inner lips) or labia majora (outer lips). The former involves reducing the size of inner lips so they don’t protrude beyond labia majora. Sometimes outer lips need reduction to enhance appearance. Looks aren’t the only deciding factor because large labia can cause a lot of discomfort like chaffing. Some women can’t ride bikes comfortably or wear tight-fitting clothes or swimsuits.

Labia majora augmentation – Sometimes the outer lips are too thin and flat. This can be addressed by augmentation. The procedure is similar to getting lip fillers as the doctor injects outer lips with fatty tissue from other parts of your body. When done carefully, this process can improve the appearance of outer lips and correct any misalignment.

Other genital surgery options include hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, vulval lipoplasty, clitoral hood reduction, etc. A qualified surgeon will carefully examine your requirements before recommending a procedure for you.

How many women do it?

Increasing awareness and the popularity of Brazilian waxing, and other such factors have caused more women to explore this option. Labiaplasty is now the 4th most popular cosmetic surgery and the number of procedures done rose by 44% in a single year in the US. These trends have emerged in Canada as well as an increasing number of women undergo different forms of genital surgery to enhance comfort or appearance.

Why do women do it?

There’s a pervasive stigma against cosmetic genital surgery, which compels many women to avoid it or undergo the procedure secretively. It’s important to avoid misinformation, prejudice, or similar factors and focus on what you need. Here are some common reasons why women want to perform these procedures:

Abnormal shape or size of the labia, which causes discomfort or makes women self-conscious.
The desire to gain more pleasure from sexual activity. Some surgeries can tighten vaginal walls, shorten clitoral hood, and make other changes to enhance sexual pleasure.
Women want to wear tight-fitting clothes but want to void a “camel toe” situation. They might want to reduce labia size or increase it based on their requirements.
Labia can “sag” with age, childbirth, or excessive weight loss. Some women want to correct this sagging.
Regardless of the motivation behind these surgeries, you must make an informed decision. Instead of reading online articles, contact a qualified genital surgeon for a consultation. They’ll explain your procedure, side-effects, aftercare, and answer any questions you might have.

Like all surgical procedures, there are always some risks involved. Patients can experience nerve damage, labia asymmetry, pain during sex, color change, loss of sensation, change in arousal, etc. Most of these problems are rare and can dissipate with good post-surgery care.

If you want to know more about genital surgery, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call Dr. Mario F. Bernier at 450 686 4755 or email us for more information.