Taboo, unknown and often looked down on, breast implants are the object of many popular beliefs. However, for most of the women who turn to this procedure, it represents a step in their personal growth: a means of improving their self-image and affirming their femininity. Whether for physical, psychological or simply esthetic reasons, those considering this surgery need reassurance. They not only want to know that they’re making the right decision but also want to understand more about the operation, itself, and the recovery. Understanding, good advice and guidance are indispensable for ensuring the patient’s peace of mind throughout the experience.

Are you thinking about getting breast implants but are worried about the scar? Endoscopic breast augmentation offers numerous advantages, including the absence of scarring. Recommended by professionals and preferred by patients, this technique has enjoyed wide acceptance from the medical and surgical communities for many years.

cicatrice axillaire après une augmentation mammaire par endoscopie
cicatrice axillaire après une augmentation mammaire par endoscopie

What exactly is endoscopic breast augmentation?

An endoscopy consists of making a small incision in the skin to insert a camera. The image the camera captures is projected on a computer screen. Used predominantly in orthopedics, gynecology, ENT procedures, pediatric surgery and general surgery, this non-invasive technique is valued for its precision. In the case of breast implant surgery, opting for this type of procedure also means reduced rates of infection, bleeding and loss of nipple sensation.

In endoscopic breast augmentation without scarring, the incision is made in the armpit. The resulting scar measures no more than 2.3 cm and disappears almost entirely within a year. Additionally, plastic surgeons can use the same incision site if a future operation is necessary, for example, to remove the implants, treat a hematoma or correct the placement of the prosthesis. But you can rest assured that complications are rare.

While what you’ve read so far may have put you more at ease, perhaps one question still remains: what’s the cost of an expert procedure like this? Endoscopy is an innovative technique that requires specialized equipment and care, which naturally adds to the cost. It’s no negligible investment, but considering the well-being and peace of mind an endoscopic procedure brings, the benefits may very well outweigh the cost. That said, clarifying the differences in price from one practitioner to another should be an indispensable part of your investigation.

Recovery from endoscopic breast augmentation surgery

Pain is sure to be one of your primary concerns. It would be presumptuous to pretend that you won’t feel anything. On the other hand, the promise of a quick recovery is very real in the case of an endoscopy. The rapidity of the procedure, reduced risk of complications and absence of scarring all favor a full recovery within a week. The day following the procedure, you can begin receiving postsurgical massages, which will promote ideal healing and help maintain the elasticity of the internal tissues. Contrary to a longstanding myth, breast implants won’t normally prevent you from breastfeeding. Furthermore, the distance between the breasts won’t change.

While certain stereotypes based on a lack of knowledge may claim differently, all women are potential candidates for breast implants without scarring. The team at Dr. Mario F. Bernier’s Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine Clinic, which specializes in breast implants in Laval, would be happy to answer all your questions with kindness and sensitivity. As a member of the Association of Specialists in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of Quebec (ASCPEQ), Dr. Mario F. Bernier will provide you with the level of guidance and advice that a decision as significant as this one merits.