Cosmetic Botox

Botulinic toxin (Cosmetic Botox ®)

Let’s iron out a wrinkle

Type “A” Botulinic toxin better known as: Cosmetic Botox has been in use since 2001 by millions, all over the world. Botox injection is the non-surgical act most performed by plastic surgeons.

Botulinic toxin reduces muscle contraction of the muscle known responsible for wrinkle formation, and therefore halts evolution of permanent wrinkles. Judiciously injected, muscle dynamics will give the face a relaxed and rejuvenated look without changing facial appearance. Dr Mario F. Bernier is an experienced plastic surgeon whose patients need not worry about having a “frozen look”; smiling; eyebrow frowning will not be hampered. All this is possible without any facial expression change.

This treatment is used mainly to correct wrinkles located in the upper facial area and efficiently treats glabella or “lion” wrinkles (caused by frowning the eyebrows), forhead wrinkles (lifting eyebrows), crow’s feet and nose creasing. Nonetheless, injection techniques have changed over time and it is now possible to correct other areas of the face with Botox. Such is the case for perioral lines, platysma bands (neck muscles) and dimples on the chin. We can also reduce the gum area appearance (gummy smile) by limiting upper lip activity. Combining Botox injection with other filling agents such as hyaluronic acid is not unusual in order to fill in the deeper wrinkles.

Treating forehead wrinkles, injection is performed on the frontalis muscles.

Treating forehead wrinkles

figure 6

Treating forehead wrinkles
Treating forehead wrinkles

To treat crow’s feet wrinkles, orbicularis muscles are targeted.

Treating crow's feetfigure 7

Treating crow's feet
Treating crow's feet

Treating wrinkles between eyebrows (glabella)… injections are made to corrugators and procerus muscles

Treating wrinkles between eyebrowsfigure 8

Treating wrinkles between eyebrows
Treating wrinkles between eyebrows

Botulinic toxin, COSMETIC BOTOX® is a synthesized substance originating from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, purified in strict controlled conditions.

Injecting the botulinic toxin blocks the neuromuscular conduction by penetrating the nerve ends, it inhibits the freeing of acetylcholine and, hence produces a light paralysis effect by adhering to nerve receptors and nerve ends.

Facial rejuvenation by injection...figure 9

Facial rejuvenation by injection...

Intramuscular injection of the toxin in therapeutic doses produces a partial muscle chemical denervation, which in turn results in a local muscular paralysis.

The operation takes about 15 minutes. Effects of botulinic toxin injections are visible within 72 hours after injection. Maximal results generally appear between 7 and 14 days. COSMETIC BOTOX® injection efficiency is estimated between 4 and 6 months. We recommend that patients receive two annual treatments for optimal muscular relaxation efficiency. No convalescence is required except we recommend patients refrain from physical exercise or placing the head below the waist line for approximately 48 hours after receiving the injection. Once again, to prevent bruise marks, patients should not consume alcohol, vitamins, natural supplements and aspirin or ibuprofen 3 days before and after treatment.

Therapeutic Botox

Beyond its aesthetic use, Botox is a versatile product also used for its therapeutic benefits. Such is the case in hyperhidrosis, a condition causing excessive under arm, hand or feet sweating. Botox interrupts the signal between the sweat gland and nerves and therefore reduces sweat secretion. Botox is the only medication approved by Health Canada for treating under arm hyperhidrosis. The desired effect lasts about 7 months from injection. Dr. Mario F. Bernier uses extra fine needles making treatment quick and comfortable. Just like the Cosmetic Botox treatment for facial use, unwanted side effects are extremely rare. Your private insurance company may in some cases cover in part the cost of treatment.

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Botox-Forehead + Glabella


Botox-Forehead + Glabella + Crowsfeet






Dysport-Forehead + Glabella


Dysport-Forehead + Glabella + Crowsfeet


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