Buttock augmentation: buttock implants or fat transfer?

Few say so, but many think so

Openly, few will dare to say it, but, basically, many people are concerned about their appearance and would like to be able to benefit from buttock augmentation. For all sorts of reasons, they may not suit us. Genetics, of course, determines the external appearance of our body. And, it is mainly our lifestyle and diet that will sculpt our forms. That said, we couldn’t fight nature. For example, someone with rather flat buttocks wouldn’t be able to change this fact, regardless of the number of hours given to physical training.

Science has evolved to the point where we now know exactly what we must do to be fit and healthy, but science can also give nature a little boost. More and more people would like to be able to display firmer, more voluptuous curves, more balanced in relation to the rest of their body. Buttock augmentation by cosmetic surgery is an option that should be considered.

Buttock augmentation: types of procedures

Some doctors use gluteal implants. Others will choose the Brazilian Butt Lift technique. Dr Mario F. Bernier’s surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic prefers the second option. Why is that? Read on to discover the benefits.

Very small incision: the Brazilian Butt Lift proceeds by liposuction. Excess fat tissue is removed from one or more places on your body and redistributed by injection into the buttocks. The incision made is therefore very small compared to that required to insert implants. The result is very natural, the skin remains supple and the scars are very faint.

The balance of forms: to make this intervention, it is necessary to have an excess of fat somewhere on the body: waist, the stomach, the thighs, etc. By removing this excess fat, the plastic surgeon can refine these areas and increase the volume of your buttocks during the same procedure.

A better definition: the transfer of fat tissue is cleverly thought out and designed to add volume to the buttocks, of course, but also to ensure that this part of the body is well defined. The lower back and waist are refined to ensure that the buttocks have a bouncy appearance.

A safe procedure, when performed by a cosmetic surgery specialist: the fat tissue injected is yours, so there is no risk of rejection.  In addition, the body can reabsorb a portion of this fat. To put the chances on your side, we strongly recommend quitting smoking to benefit from this intervention.

A rather short convalescence: The Brazilian Butt Lift is practiced in ambulatory mode. This means that no hospitalization is required, except in very rare cases. It only takes about 1 week before you can resume your normal activities. The pain following the procedure is mild to moderate and can be controlled by medication. It is recommended not to sit or lie on your back for 2 weeks and to avoid any energetic physical or sporting activity for 1 month.

Quick visible results: The lifting effect can be seen immediately after the operation. However, in the weeks that follow, the irrigation process of new adipose tissue continues. Later, you can admire the final result and be proud of it!